Posted February 14, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Giants RB tries TNA Wrestling

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“I’ve always wondered and want to see how they make things look the way they  do,” Jacobs told The Post. “Yes, it’s gonna be hard but so is running up the gut  at 300-pound guys. One thing is you cannot sugarcoat those slams, the guys are  feeling that.”

“This is first time I’ve ever done something like [wrestling],” Jacobs said. “I  grew up loving the sport and have been big fans of these guys: Shawn Michaels,  Owen and Brett Hart, Rey Mysterio Jr. [Hulk] Hogan, Sting, [Macho Man]. It’s  definitely fun to watch.” – nypost

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs will jump in the ring against Kurt Angle for TNA Impact Wrestling on Thursday night on Spike TV! Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul denied the offer, and Jacobs accepted. Jacobs is pumped to try something new, and was always curious about what goes on in the ring..