Posted February 8, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Giants Parade on Broadway!

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#BigBlueApple Over 1 Million people came to see the Giants Parade on Broadway, yesterday! The ‘Giant’ parade continued down the Canyon of Heroes to City Hall, where Mayor Bloomberg presented the Giants the key to the city! Justin Tuck handed out custom-engraved 750-milliliter bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue whisky to the entire Giants entourage (pic below), and the party continued at Metlife Stadium in Jersey! The crowd was significantly larger than four years ago! This is 50 put up a hilarious video (below) *Explicit Lyrics*, and the NY Post put up a more serious video of the parade! Check it out!

“I wanted to give the guys on the team, the coaches and everyone who got us to Indianapolis a personal gift to thank them for everything that they’ve done,” Tuck said.

Each bottle had the player’s name and “Super Bowl XLVI champions” engraved on it. The total tally for 80 bottles was $17,600. – foxsports