Posted February 6, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Super Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

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While watching the Super Bowl, the commercials are one of the main attractions! 111 Million viewers tune-in and watch these #brandnew commercials. Each 30-second spot cost about $3.5 Million, and 50% of the 70 Super Bowl advertisers put theirs up early on on the internet! Some top commercials (this Super Bowl) include: Hyundai scared a Cheetah away, Clint Eastwood waxes Detroit Chrysler, Audi head lights killed vampires, M&M’s got naked, Doritos K-9 Bribery, Pepsi kills Elton John + Flavor Flav, VW dog shapes up, Skechers bull-dog wins dog race, Coca-Cola Polar Bears return and football game, the Bud Light rescue dog was the best, and stars from the 90’s were everywhere! Dr. Seuss, Apolcalypta, Avengers, and Star Wars had movie commercial spots as well! Watch all the Super Super Bowl commercials right here!