Posted February 2, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Ali’s Trainer Dundee passes at 90

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“It was the way he wanted to go,” the son said. “He did everything he wanted to do.” – espn

Much respect to the man who taught Ali “The Greatest” how to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.. Ali’s wing-man Angelo Dundee passed away at 90 years old, Wednesday night, in his apartment in Tampa, FL. Dundee worked Ali’s corner for all his great fights from Sonny Liston to Frazier, and also coached Sugar Ray Leonard in his biggest fight! Dundee taught the art of the left jab and the overhand right to perfection. 

Dundee was holding on to see Ali at his 70th birthday, but his time had come. His family and friends all felt he lived a full life. R.I.P. Respect “The Greatest” wing-man Angelo Dundee.