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@ochocinco hangs Rep. Speaker on twitter

@SportsBata ..nuff said


“Anybody notice the guy over Obamas left shoulder doesn’t seem very happy and he’s not smiling. He’s not clapping with joy,” Ochocinco wrote during the president’s address.

#Re-ElectObama Chad Ochocinco made it apparent via twitter that the President doesn’t need Rep. hangman standing behind his back when he gives “The State of the Union” address! Ocho and many Americans observed the many disgruntled and unsatisfied faces that Rep Speaker (of the house) Jon Boehner gave Obama, while sitting right behind his back the entire speech. My question is, “Why do we allow or accept such early right wing symbolism to go on TV?” Obama is a brilliant speaker, has great ideas, and done as much as he could with his hands tied in his first term. He doesn’t deserve to play hang-man with Republicans toward the end of his term. Ocho made a valid point, stood for something, but sort of befriended him in the end. Check it out!


“Just read some of your tweets and you seem pretty angry kind sir, I can see you on tv but you’re not smiling. Hope you’re ok.”

Wednesday morning, Ocho checked up on Boehner to make sure he ok.

“Hello Mr. Boehner, hoping you are in better spirits today. If all else seems bad in life just remember I love you kind sir.”


“Thanks & good luck in the @SuperBowl we’ll see you in the playoffs next year, Go #Bengals.”


 “Well now we are friends.”

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