Posted January 23, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Paterno passes at 85

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Some say he died of a ‘broken heart’… Penn State Universitys’ “winningiest” coach of all-time, Joe Paterno AKA Joe Pa, passed at 85 on Sunday after a battle with lung cancer! The university forced him to re-sign towards the end of this season after his assistant coach was charged with many counts of child molestation. Paterno was the head coach at PSU for 46 years and worked their for 61 years. Paterno was well-respected, loved by his peers, and left a legacy that can never be tainted. The University is honoring him in death by keeping 106,572 seat Beaver stadium lit all week with photos shown (of him) on the facility’s video boards until the memorial later this week. The students gathered last night for a candle-light vidal (pic above); students, facility, and peers showed their respect to the legend, ‘JoePa’! There are some that believe that Paterno died of a ‘broken heart’. Check it out!

Doctors said he succumbed to lung cancer, but former Nittany Lions star Matt  Millen said, “I just can’t help but think he died of a broken heart.” – nypost