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@terrellowens to play and part-own #IFL team

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“It’s official, it just went down, I’m headed back to Dallas,” Owens said in a 22-second video posted on his Twitter account. “That’s right, IFL, here I come. Allen, Texas, here I come. I’m going to be me.”

T.O. AKA @terrellowens announced via twitter Wednesday night, that he will play and part-own the #IFL (Indoor Football League) team out of Texas, the Allen Wranglers! He will play in all home games, and be a face for the franchise! The season starts Feb. 25th at home against Wichita! T.O. did not get picked up by any #NFL teams after a pre-season work-out, so he decided to move on to the #IFL! Check out the excerpt below!

The IFL is a 16-team league consisting of teams from various cities such as Green Bay, Sioux Falls, Chicago, New Mexico, Wyoming and Nebraska.

“He’s a great player, a winner, and I’m a big fan,” Wranglers co-owner Jon Frankel said. “I want to make the Allen Wranglers the No. 1 attraction in Collin County.”

“[Owens] has an ownership stake,” Frankel said. “This is a business decision. I’m glad everybody looks at the players’ aspects. I can’t believe T.O. will come out of that tunnel for the Allen Wranglers.” – espn