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Yankees & Mets #re-sign key players

L to R: David Robertson, Joba, Mike Pelfrey

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Just before arbritration, the Yankees & Mets #re-signed some key players! Yankees #re-signed reliever David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain to one-year deals! The Mets #re-signed pitchers’ Mike Pelfrey, Manny Acosta, Ramon Ramirez, and outfielder Andres Torres to one-year deals! The Mets cap dropped from $140 Million in 2011 to $90 Million in 2012! Check out the salary chart below!



One-year salary

David Robertson Reliever $1.6 Million + incentives
Joba Chamberlain Reliever $1.67 Million
Mike Pelfrey RH Pitcher $5.7 Million
Manny Acosta RH Pitcher $850K
Ramon Ramirez RH Pitcher $2.7 Million
Andres Torres Outfielder $2.7 Million

(info courtesy nypost and nydailynews)