Posted January 18, 2012 by Global Vito in Music

@MissTwanee “Lesson Learned”

Twanee- “Lesson Learned”

I would like to introduce you to a artist name Twanée, the powerful voice that was heard on 50 cents latest record, “Shooting Guns”. This is her latest record Lesson Learned. Currently a star in her home country of Bermuda, emerging artist Twanée is now on her rise to success in the States. This singer/songwriter has already worked with 50 Cent (“Shooting Guns” ), platinum producers Rockwilder, Stargate, and more. As Twanée is prepping the release of her debut EP, take a listen to the premiere of her first buzz single “Leason Learned,” written by Twanée and Talon Haynes, produced by Buda and Grandz.