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#OKC @KDTrey5 serve up Celtics, Lakers #dagger Mavs!

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#OdomreturnstoLA #OKC @KDTrey5 served up the Celtics, and the Lakers threw down the #dagger (three) to beat the Mavs!

The Oklahoma City Thunder (12-2) beat the Boston Celtics (4-8), 97-88, last night! The Celtics have dropped five straight, and are looking slightly sluggish to start games. #OKC controlled the tempo the entire game, and @KDTrey5 led the way with 28 points and seven boards! #OKC PG Russell Westbrook didn’t fail to impress with big threes, seven boards, and 26 points! Celtics Rajon Rondo messed around almost caught a triple-double (12 points, nine boards, nine assists), and Paul Pierce added 24 points!

The LA Lakers (10-5) beat the Dallas Mavericks (8-6) 73-70, last night! #OdomreturnstoLA Derek Fisher game-winning #Rainbowthree bucket saved the day for the Lakers, and put them ahead for good with only 3.1 seconds remaining! The Mav’s fought hard, but lost on the #dagger three by Fisher! Lamar Odom made his return to LA for the first time (in a Mavs uniform), and received a standing ovation by the crowd. The celebs were out in full force at the Staples Center including: Jack Nicholson (of course), Chris Tucker, Don Cheadle, LL Cool J, George Lopez, and Khloe Kardashian (Odom’s wife)! #Kobe was ice cold with 14 points after four straight games of 40 points or more. Odom scored 10 points in his return to the Staples Center. The game comprised of horrible shooting and solid D(efense)!

Derek Fisher game-winning #Rainbowthree #dagger:


Full game highlights #OdomreturnstoLA: