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Pac-man Camp rejects @FloydMayweather #May5Bout!

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“I’m ready to put my belt up. What about you Manny Pacquiao? Let’s make history.”

“Why would I tell Manny to fight on the 5th and throw away a percentage of 30 million? That’s crazy,” Pacquiao’s financial adviser Michael Koncz said. – espn

Following up from yesterday, Pac-Man camp rejected Mayweather offer to fight him on May 5! The venue is not large enuff to gain the capital the fight would substantiate, and there is just not enuff time to set it up properly! The 45,000 seat arena in Las Vegas won’t be finished until the end of May, and MGM Grand Garden (Mayweather booked) only seats 17,000 people! That is loss of additional $30 Million in revenue! It was more a poke by Mayweather to save face, after cowering from Pac-Man the first time a couple years ago. Mayweather is a great boxer, but frankly is scared to tarnish his undefeated throne! By the time these two fight, they may be forty! Check out the full story below!

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has told the Philippines’ GMA television the only reason the fight won’t happen is if there is an “economic problem.”

He said the fight “could happen very, very easily” at the end of May — enough time to build the outdoor arena “the fight so badly needs.”

“I will also guarantee Manny’s purse,” he said. “In other words, Manny doesn’t want to go into the ring and just fight out a percentage.”

He said Mayweather is looking for “outside parties to guarantee his end of the purse.”

“So, until he finds the angel, there is no fight,” Arum said.

In a separate interview with GMA, Pacquiao said that if Mayweather agrees to a “50-50 sharing, there will be no problem.”

“The purse is not the issue right now, the date is,” Koncz said. “But we don’t have a problem splitting it 50-50.” – espn

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