Posted January 9, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Giants crush Falcons!

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”A great mix of run and pass and these guys have a great understanding of what our offense is,” Manning said of the help he’s receiving. ”If we can get that run game going like we did in the second half, that opens up a lot of windows.” – foxsports

The NY Giants: Big Blue took it to the Atlanta Falcons, 24-2, in the Wild-Card Playoff game, yesterday! DJ Enuff was in the building, and the Giants D was murderous the entire game! The D(efense) stopped the Falcons on a (fourth down and a foot) play in the second quarter, and after that there was no looking back for Big Blue! The Giants established their running game in the second half, and Eli connected with WR Hakeem Nicks (pic above) on a 72-yard catch-and-carry in the third quarter! Eli was named game MVP and completed 23 of 32 passes for 277 yards and no interceptions! Nicks finished with 115 yards on six catches and two TD’s! Giants RB’s Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw broke out with a total 155 yards on 28 carries! Check out the highlight reel!

Giants-Falcons Wild-Card playoff highlight reel: