Posted January 9, 2012 by DJ Enuff in Sports

@djenuff @ Giants game [pic gallery]

“Me at the Giant Game Early! Go Gmen”

@SportsBata ..nuff said

Heavy Hitters’ DJ Enuff is a true blue fan, and went to support his team, yesterday, as they dominated the Falcons in the Wild-Card playoff game! Enuff brought friends and family, and was able to bring a smile home with a win in his pocket! Check out the pic gallery from Enuff twitter!


“I’m at the #ciroc bar at giants stadium #cirocboyz

DJ Enuff Frank Chris Freddy P L Boogs and OK Ray Deep at the Giants Game

Enuff dad is a real Giants Fan All the way from Florida

Enuff Chris and Frank at the Giant Game

Leather Heads NY Giants (pic taken by Enuff)