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#Giants ‘Cruz’ into the Playoffs!

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The #Giants took the NFC East and cruised into the playoffs, last night, with phenomenal play by WR Victor ‘Cruz’ and QB Eli Manning! The Giants dominated the Dallas Cowboys, 31-14, and now must prepare for the Atlanta Falcons next week! The Giants started their domination on a 74-yard catch-and-carry (video below) by Cruz, followed by his signature salsa TD celebration (pic above), in the first quarter! Giants QB Eli Manning (chart below) played extremely well! Eli completed 24 of 33 passes for 346 yards, 3TD’s, and no interceptions. He finished the game with a high 136.7 NFL rating! Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw caught a TD and ran in a TD!

Victor Cruz broke three #Giants franchise records this season: seven 100+ receiving yards games, five 65+ receiving yard TD catches, and of course the 99-yard receiving TD run (from last week)!

“We’ve had a lot of ups and down, but when our team needed it most we responded,” said the up-and-coming Cruz, who has capped his team-record setting season with six catches for 178 yards. “We were able to keep level-headed when we were on the four-game skid.” – espn

Eli Manning “Minute man” became the first player since 1970 to connect on eight TD passes (in a season) with less than four minutes left! Check out the chart below!

“I knew we were going to fight and keep playing until the end, I feel good about the way we’re handling the ups and downs, and it comes down to finishing,” Manning said after throwing for 346 yards and no interceptions.espn

TD Passes, Less Than 4 Mins Left in 4thSingle Season, Since 1970

Season Player Team TDs
2011 Eli Manning Giants 8
2010 Drew Brees Saints 6
2009 Matt Cassel Chiefs 6
1998 Peyton Manning Colts 6
1992 Warren Moon Oilers 6
1987 Neil Lomax Cardinals 6
1980 Bert Jones Colts 6

Victor Cruz 74-yard TD catch-and-carry: