Posted December 27, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Brees breaks Marino’s record!

@SportsBata ..nuff said

DuringĀ MNF, Saints QB Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s 1984 single season passing yards record! Marino set the mark at 5,084 yards in 1984 with the Miami Dolphins! Brees broke the mark with 5,087 yards on the last play, a nine yard TD to WR Darren Sproles! Bree also had 12 300-yard passing games this season, and clinched the NFC South with the 45-16 win (over the Falcons), last night! The game sort of seemed semi-lackluster, but the ending will enter him into the Hall of Fame! Marino held his ground for 27 years and threw down a legacy! Now Brees will moveĀ on to a football immortal, and a step closer to a guaranteed seat in the HOF! Check out their twitters from late last night!


Congrats to @drewbrees. Great job by such a special player.


Thanks to @DanMarino for his class and support during this run. It is an honor to attempt to follow the example he set for us all