Posted December 15, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Williams picks Nets

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Shawne Williams chose the NJ Nets over the NY Knicks, and signed with them for two years/$5 Million on a trade exception. Perpetually, the Nets will most likely (till Friday) waive F Travis Outlaw on the amnesity clause, and free up the four years/$28 Million left on his contract. Williams picked the Nets over the Knicks because he felt they putting him to pasture; kept him waiting while they tried to sign Atlanta Hawks F Jamal Crawford! Before the Nets picked him up, the Knicks we’re only offering the league minimum to Williams. Williams, 25, is a solid three point shooter (40.1%), and averaged 7.1 ppg last year! He hit clutch shots for the Knicks, so hopefully he will contribute to Brooklyn!

“Shawne made a decision on what’s best for him and his family,’’ Knicks forward  Amar’e Stoudemire said. “We’ll be alright. . We have a solid team with what we  have now. We’re comfortable with our roster. He’s not too far away, we’ll see  him shortly.”

“Well, he got an offer, he just didn’t get an offer he wanted,” Knicks coach D’Antoni said“It’s business. We couldn’t do anything until we got Tyson (Chandler) because  that takes up your cap room. For a long time, we couldn’t do anything. We love  Shawne. He’ll have a great career.” – nypost