Posted December 13, 2011 by Global Vito in Music

Steady Fam- Blast My Shit!!

Steady Fam- “Blast My Shit!!”

Straight out of Richmond’s westside, STEADYFAM members Easalio and Ace are two ambitious and passionate youth ready to put Virginia’s hiphop scene back in the front of the minds of fans. Both picking up the pen in the late 90s, they combine similar outlooks on life with different styles to form the perfect pair of mcs to impress upon a beat their vision. Ease, born in Long Island and moved to VA in 97, delivers in a way that accents his lyrical ability beautifully. With clear thought process behind his words he impresses upon the beat a certain flair and witt that is a definite stand out. Ace, a Richmond native, rides the tracks with a take me or leave me attitude combined with a flow that will make you feel like you are back in the “golden era.” With clear wisdom, Ace gives a new meaning to the phrase (old soul) in a magnificent way. These two are clearly a timeless pair.