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@Fat_Kids_Brotha Eastside Paradise Mixtape

FatKidsBrotha Eastside Paradise Mixtape

1. Christopher England (Intro)
2. Eastside Paradise
3. NWA ft. Snubnose and Key!
4. Snooki (R.I.P. Ruggz)
5. Ex ft. Key!
7. The Biggest 40 In The World (Interlude)
9. 1 8 7 (FuckLePolice) ft. Snubnose Frankenstein and Key!
10. Daily ft. MitchGoneMad
11. Queso ft. Snubnose Frankenstein and Key!

All tracks produced by Snubnose Frankenstein except for 1 8 7(FuckLePolice)
and that was produced by Key!

Eastside Paradise Mixtape

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