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Cotto TKO’s Margarito at MSG!

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Miguel Cotto (P.R.) TKO’ed Antonio Margarito in the 10th round in front of the sold out crowd in MSG on Sat night to retain his WBA middleweight championship belt! The ref stopped the fight after three ticks in the 10th round! Margarito one eye was completely shut, and it was deemed dangerous for him to continue the fight! Margarito ended up with 12 stitches and a wounded ego after the fight. Cotto record increased to (37-2-0). This was sweet redemption for Cotto, who lost against Margarito in 2008 (their last match), and Margarito was thought to have loaded hand wraps in that fight. Margarito was caught with his hand wraps in the next fight against ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley, and was suspended for one year. Margarito took damage (broken orbital bone) against Manny Pacquiao, a year ago, and was barely cleared for the fight (Nov 22 got boxing license). Cotto was able to
stare down at Margarito in satisfaction in the end, as fans from NY and Puerto Rico cheered proudly for him! The next step for Margarito is retirement. Check out the results from the undercard showdowns and highlight video below!

“Just to look at him and taste my victory on him,” Cotto said. “He means nothing to me. I’m here with all my crowd and all my people. He means nothing to me.”

“My face now is a lot different than last time,” a smiling Cotto said.

“It came to the point there was no vision at all from the eye,” Ring doctor Anthony Curreri said. “I think it would have been dangerous for him to go out there without any visual field. He did go quite a bit with the eye impaired.” – espn