Posted December 1, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

NBA Players ‘stuck’ in China

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During the 149-day lock-out, players decided to go overseas and make contracts with China, Turkey, Italy, and other countries. China was looking for NBA talent, but required loyalty; did not want players to jump ship mid-season. China added/required no-release clauses to their contracts (until at least the end of the season). FIBA enforced the rules/endorsed the contracts, so if they decide to quit the Chinese team, and go back to the NBA, the NBA would be forced (to obide by FIBA regulations) to turn them away. Well now the lock-out is finally over, and players are ‘stuck’ in China. Former NY Knick Wilson Chandler, Nuggets J.R. Smith, and Nuggets Kenyon Martin are a few of the top stars ‘stuck’ in China! Check out the chart above!

(chart courtesy wallstreetjournal)