Posted December 1, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

@KingJames @KDTrey5: Flag Football Challenge

@SportsBata ..nuff said

Lebron James touchdowned on Kevin Durant during “Lebron’s flag football challenge” on Wednesday night. (Team) Lebron intercepted a pass with 13 seconds to go to seal the victory, 70-63, over Team Durant. The two battled back and forth, kept the game close, extended the quarters to 15 minutes, and implemented the “Mississippi Rule” that only allowed the QB five seconds to get rid of the ball. Lebron got knarly at one point with a TD celebration, mocking Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson “unpopular” Plaxico shot-in-the-leg TD Celebration. Also Check out the Highlight Video link!

“Team KD, they gave it their all,” James said during a postgame interview. “We just made a couple more plays down the stretch to win this game, and we came away with the victory.” – foxsports