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Burress, Jets soar over the Bills!

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Plaxico Burress and the NY Jets soared over the Buffalo Bills 28-24, yesterday! The Jets were holding onto a string, comprising a game-winning drive with just over a minute to play in regulation. Burress made a magnificant one-handed grab (18-yd) along the sideline followed by WR Santonio Holmes 16-yard TD catch to save the day! Jets QB Mark Sanchez had issues completing passes going 17-35 with only 180 yards and one interception, but to his credit Sanchez did connect on four TD passes (first time since 2008 with Brett Favre as QB). Early in the game, Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson decided to mock Plaxico getting shot in the leg, followed by mocking the Jets “flight”celebration after he scored the go-ahead TD (14-7) just before halftime. Ironically, his excessive celebration (15-yard penalty), and a botched punt, put the Jets right at the Bills 36-yard line. Plaxico scored on the next drive on a 14-yard TD, and “Took a Bow” in celebration (pic below). He ran off with the ball to give to his son, Elijah. Check out the video below, and Plaxico reaction to mock TD celebration.

”I’ve seen worse, and I’ve heard worse,” Burress said. ”So, it doesn’t bother me at all. The result I’m looking at is we won the football game … and he turned around and dropped three wide-open balls to lose it for his team.

”I mean, I’ve already been through the wringer with that whole situation, so I’ve dealt with it accordingly and put those things behind me. You’re going to see things, you’re going to hear things, or whatever it may be, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

”He’s a young player and I like him a lot. I think he’s a great young talent and is going to be a great player in this league.” – foxsports

Stevie Johnson ‘mock Plaxico’ TD celebration: