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NBA Lock-Out Ends

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In the latest breaking news, the NBA owners and players have reached a tentative agreement to end the 149 day lock-out! After the private meeting on Saturday both sides agreed on a new deal, sealed with a handshake! Documents still need to be ratified, lawsuits withdrawn, and a majority vote must take place (by both sides) to finalize the deal. A 66-game season would begin on Christmas Day (Dec 25) with the Boston Celtics coming to the MSG to take on the NY Knicks! Miami Heat vs. NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks would be game 2, followed by the Chicago Bulls taking on the LA Lakers! Players would able to begin training on Dec 9, and free-agency would be on the open-market that day as well. This is only the second  lock-out in NBA history; the first was in 1998-99 when the season was shortened to 50 games. The owners kept trying to force the players into ‘unfair’ agreements with timely deadlines, but once the courts started to come in to play, Commissioner (David) Stern started to see more clearly. Check out some quotes.

President Barack Obama gave a thumbs-up when told about the tentative settlement after he finished playing basketball at Fort McNair in Washington on Saturday morning.espn

“All I feel right now is ‘finally,’ “ Dwyane Wade told The Associated Press.

“We want to play basketball,” NBA commissioner David Stern said.

Stern said it was “subject to a variety of approvals and very complex machinations, but we’re optimistic that will all come to pass and that the NBA season will begin Dec. 25.”

“We thought it was in both of our interest to try to reach a resolution and save the game and to be able to provide the kind of superb entertainment the NBA historically has provided,” NBA Players Representative (Billy) Hunter said.espn