Posted November 21, 2011 by DJ Quiz in Music

Rugz D. Bewler – By Any Means Necessary (Artwork & Track List) & “Right Fist” (prod. by Grand Staff)

Mr. Bewler will drop “Any Means Necessary” this black friday! Here is “Right First” in the mean time.

By Any Means Necessary Track List

1. The Eulogy
2. By Any Means Necessary
3. Pause Time
4. Kissing (You Stole My Heart)
5. Run Nigga Run (skit)
6. Right Fist
7. Cuz I’m Black
8. Woosah
9. Where Are The Divas? (skit)
10. Divas & Doobies
11. Red Bull & Guinness/The Hangover
12. I’d Rather
13. Fly Lil’ Ninga