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Giants WR B-Day in Manhattan club turns shoot-out!

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Giants WR Victor Cruz planned a nice peaceful 25th birthday party on Monday night in lower Manhattan at Juliet Supper Club on West 21st Street. Instead at 2:30AM EST, shots were fired, one man down, and two others injured. The Giants were not involved in the incident, but wow that B-Day party sure went out with a bang. Cruz was celebrating his birthday with teammates Hakeem Nicks, Aaron Ross, Antrel Rolle, and Chris Canty when the shooting took place! Actor Ryan Phillippe, R&B singer Estelle, and other NBA stars including: John Wall, Chris Dushon, and Bronx native Kemba Walker were also at the party!

“There is nothing to indicate that any of the well-known individuals in the club that night had anything to do with the shooting,” New York Police Department chief spokesman Paul J. Browne told the New York Times.

The dead man was identified as Artis Arthur, 43, of Brooklyn, who was shot in  the torso.

Wounded were Tracy Ryals, 28, of The Bronx, and Jonai Washington, 28, of Long  Island, the woman who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. – nypost