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Coach K takes wins record!

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Dukes’ Coach K AKA Mike Kryzewski passed the great Coach (Bob) Knight with his 903rd win, last night! The #6 Duke Blue Devils beat Michigan State 74-69, and K electrified the sell-out crowd (of 19,979) at MSG with his greatest achievement! He cemented the legacy as “the Greatest coach of all-time”! Ironically, Coach Knight coached K back in the day at West Point in the Army (pic below). He was a young strapping lad, and taught his pupil the makes of a champion! Coach K also helped Team USA w/ Kobe, LBJ, and ‘Melo in 2008 to the gold medal, and proved his worth coaching at any level! Check out their statements below!

“I just told Coach I love him,” Krzyzewski said. “I wouldn’t be in this position without him. It’s a moment shared. I know he’s very proud, and I’m very proud to have been somebody who’s worked under him and studied him and tried to be like him.
“I’m not sure how many people tell him they love him but I love him for what he’s done for me and I thanked him. He said ‘Boy, you’ve done pretty good for a kid who couldn’t shoot.’ I think that means he loves me too. At least that’s how I’m taking that.” espn

Bob Knight Statement

After reading about Roger Banister and the Four Minute Mile, I thought it would be neat to be the first coach to win 900 games. Once I reached that, I was hoping Mike would be the first person to surpass it. I also think it is neat for a coach and his former player to have the opportunity to win this many games while each one was coaching at nearly the same time. He made great contributions to our Army team, as a player and has been a great example as a coach of how to do things the right way. There is no one I respect more for the way he went about coaching and following the rules than Mike. The history of college basketball has had no better coach than Mike Krzyzewski. espn