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NBA Players “Fight the power”!

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NBA Players “Fight the Power” Breaking News: The NBA Players Association has rejected the “crappy” offer the owners put on the table on Thursday! The players had until Monday (today) to make their decision on the proposal. Basically, what this all means is that the courts will handle it from here, unless the owners suddenly decide to to wake up, and offer a real deal. I personally still believe there will be a half season or 41 game season because eventually something will break. You can’t go from by far the most profitable season in the NBA last year to bullying the players into a “crappy” deal. Even MJ, Charlotte Bobcats majority owner, took a hard line stance against the players a little over a week ago. Over the weekend, LA Lakers Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace, let it be known that MJ hard stance is unappreciated. Check it out! NBA Players “Fight the Power”!

NBA Players Association executive director Billy Hunter says the union will not accept the owners’ proposed collective bargaining agreement and will seek to decertify.

The union, whose members have been locked out since July 1st, also plans to pursue an antitrust lawsuit against the NBA. – espn

NBA’s current offer

•Players receive 49-51 percent of basketball-related

• Guaranteed player contracts

• Maximum contract length of five years for
“Bird” free agents, four years for others

• Soft salary cap

I would not presume to project
or predict what the union would do. I can hope, and my hope is the events of
next week will lead us to a 72-game schedule starting on Dec. 15.”
NBA Commissioner David Stern

 No way this deal gets taken (by
the players). They didn’t move on any system issues that concerned us. It’s
still basically (like) a hard cap with very restrictive rules for player
source connected to the players’ union

Metta World Peace tunes in MJ’s hard line stance

“He’s an owner now, so I guess [as] an owner, he’s on the other side,” World Peace said, while dismissing reports that “all the players are hating on Jordan.”

“The players, we didn’t say Jordan’s name. We were just supporting each other,” he said. “And then Jordan came out and said, ‘the players need to do this and do that.’ But we’re the same guys who looked up to Michael Jordan when we were kids, the same guys that wanted to fly like Mike and be like Mike.”

World Peace said, even now, Jordan was still respected from across the lockout divide.

“Even though we’re guys from different companies, [we] still love Mike, love his sneakers and everything,” he added. “Guys just felt like he didn’t support us when we most needed him.” – foxsports