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Riots follow Penn State coach’s ‘quick’ exit


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Riots followed after Penn State officials ‘quickly’ fired legendary football coach Joe Paterno, last night. Riot police contained about 2,000 angry students, that toppled a news van, threw rocks, and broke windows. Paterno had announced earlier yesterday, that he was retiring at the conclusion of this season. The Penn State Board of Trustees had a meeting, last night, and decided to speed up the process and fire the legend.

This is a richohet effect from a 2002 incident involving former Assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, who alleged molested eight boys over a decade and a half, and is currently facing 21 felony counts for sexual abuse. Mike McQueary, a current receivers coach and graduate assistant at the time told Paterno, that he witnessed Sandusky messing with a boy in the campus showers. Paterno reported the incident to athletic director Tim Curley, but not to the police.

Paterno was stuck in bad situation by even being closely, unavoidably associated with the pedophile, and going to the police may not have been practical for the school’s image. He probably would have been fired back then for leaking the information to the public. The school’s image is really was is forsake, that is why they fired Paterno. Paterno, 84, is the major-college football’s all-time wins leader. He would have retired deservably, honorably at the end of 46 years of greatness, but instead was given a pat on the back, and prematurely told to K.I.M. Sexual abuse is not to be taken lightly by any means, but sexual abuse in an(y) institution becomes messy because you don’t even want to associated with the situation. You end up having to pass the buck.

“The university is much larger than its athletic teams,” board vice chair John Surma said during a news conference. “The Penn State board of trustees tonight decided it is in the best interest of the university to have a change in leadership to deal with the difficult issues that we are facing.”

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