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@KREEMO 2011 Beg to Differ

KREEMO 2011 Beg to Differ

After much anticipation, KREEMO’s 2011 Fall Lookbook is finally available!!!.The lookbook features the return of the well sought after “Kreemo Dropout” crewneck along with the new Kreemo hoodie which displays a new version of the infamous ghost logo. For the first time ever, KREEMO presents its beanie hats in various colors for only $25. Also check out the new “Bulls” and “K” crewneck! . All apparel can be purchased online at KREEMO

Kreemo is a brand intended for the individual who stands out in society. It is the lifestyle of the person who views and thinks without boundaries. Commonly those who initially attempt to do something diverse are viewed as a nuisance, an annoyance, or an outcast to society. Once they succeed they become a strong influential force. In order to attain significance in the world one must separate himself from “the average Joe.” Kreemo is made for people in society that choose to be significant. People, who choose to go the other route, people who
beg to differ.