Posted November 7, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Eli works miracle over the Pat’s!

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Giants QB Eli Manning orchestrated an unbelievable game-winning drive with only 1:30 left to beat rival New England Patriots 24-20, last night! The NY Giants were down to their last downs (down 20-17), when Eli completed a (David) Tyree-like pass to TE Jake Ballard for a 28-yard grab that put the Giants at the NE 33 yard line. Eli scrambled for yards, and hit WR Victor Cruz (pass interference) to set-up at the 1-yard line. Eli hit Ballard again for the 1-yard TD pass to win! Eli Manning outdueled Patriots QB Tom Brady. It is a big win for the Giants increasing their record to 6-2, while the Patriots drop to 5-3. Check out the full NFL scoreboard! Check out Eli’s amazing game-winning drive below!


Seperately, an hour before game time, a 50-year fan accidentally emptied a round, and shot himself in the leg. He was sitting in his car at the Patriots Gillette stadium, when the gun went off. He is in good condition, and no charges will be pressed, as the gun was licensed, and not carried into the stadium. Check it out!

“I can confirm that there was an accidental discharge of a handgun resulting in  a self-inflicted wound to a patron in a parking lot prior to today’s game,” said  Patriots spokesman Stacey James. “The patron was treated at a local hospital and  is in stable condition.”

James says guns are not allowed inside the stadium, but there is no rule barring  licensed guns from the parking lots. – myfoxboston