Posted November 3, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Pujols gets a statue in his honor

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After 11 years, and now two times over a World Champion, the St Louis Cardinals wanted to solidify their respect for their 1B Albert Pujols with a newly erected statue. The 10-foot, 1,100 lb. statue was presented to Pujols in front of his restaurant in St Louis on Wednesday. Pujols is still a free-agent, and has yet to re-sign with the Cardinals. In my opinion, I believe that winning the World Series is enuff saving grace to keep Pujols on the squad; he just needs to keep his options open to get the most money for his worth.

”Unbelievable job,” Albert Pujols said. ”Look at that!”

”That statue is unbelievable,” said Pujols’ wife, Deirdre. ”For somebody to even want to do something like this, it’s pretty humbling.”

When reporters asked Pujol’s about free-agency, ‘Just like my wife says, we’re going to be praying about it and whenever the time comes we’ll make that decision,” Pujols said.

One reporter noted that ”you can’t pack the statue with you,” and wondered if the Pujols Family Foundation would remain in St. Louis if Pujols signed elsewhere.

”Hopefully I don’t have to make that decision,” Pujols said. ”We’re just going to see where God takes us. I don’t want to get ahead of God’s plan and say, `Oh, we’re going to be here,’ and then something happens and I look bad. Whether it’s here or wherever, I believe our foundation is going to help the city of St. Louis.” – foxsports