Posted October 21, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Bernard Hopkins gets belt back following controversial TKO

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The WBC overturned a call from Saturday night’s fight, declared it a technical draw, and Bernard Hopkins reclaimed his WBC light-heavyweight Championship belt, last night. Check out the video below!

The controversy started on Saturday night at the Staples Center in LA, in the second round of the light-heavyweight bout against Chad Dawson. 46-year old Hopkins missed a punch, and momentarily landed on Dawson’s back. Dawson picked Hopkin’s up by the knees and tossed him (awkwardly) into the ropes. Hopkin’s suffered a dislocation of the joint connecting his left shoulder to his collar bone. Hopkins was unable to continue, and the referee called it a no-foul, so Dawson was awarded the (no-punch) TKO.

After a doctor diagnosed Hopkin’s injury, as to be injured directly from the fall, the WBC followed up and actually overturned the call, last night. Hopkins will retain his WBC light-heavyweight belt, and hopefully will be able to fight again. The WBC was so adament in their decision, that they did not wait for the California State Athletic Commissions’ approval.

“The head offices of the WBC sent videos, medical reports and the WBC corresponding rules to the Board of Governors, that unanimously declared a technical draw on the fight. Therefore, Bernard Hopkins is still the WBC light heavyweight champion of the world,” WBC president Jose Sulaiman wrote in the ruling. espn