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NBA All-Stars plan OKC exhibition and full two-week Euro Tour!

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The lock-out is close to over, but in the meantime, NBA All-Stars booked an OKC exhibition this weekend and a new two-week European tour is almost complete! NBA dunk champion Blake Griffin had to cancel for both events with a cut on his right foot.

KD, LBJ, CP3, ‘Melo, Amar’e and other stars will be playing the in the OKC exhibition titled “US Fleet Tracking Basketball Invitational” on Sunday Oct 23! OKC Thunder PG Russell Westbrook and F James Harden are late additions. The tickets went on sale on Monday, and range from $29 to $199 for courtside seats. The average ticket price being $50. The event will take place at the Cox Convention Center, and purchase your tickets with one click! Some of the proceeds will be donated to local charities.

The brand new Euro(pean)-tour will take place during the first two weeks of the NBA season (Nov 1- Nov 14); that have already been canceled. It will be a two-week, six-game, four-continent blockbuster tour! The roster will resemble the USA team that took over Beijing in the 2008 Olympics including:  Kobe, LBJ, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, ‘Melo, CP3, Amar’e, Chris Bosh, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Carlos Boozer, Paul Pierce, Tyson Chandler, and Kevin Love! KD and Kevin Garnett are still undecided. Atlanta business mogul Calvin Darden has been organizing the event for the last three months. The tour, scheduled to begin Oct. 30 and end Nov. 9, will make stops in Puerto Rico, London, Macau, and Australia. Each game will be staged in an arena that holds at least 15,000 fans. Two games each will be played at sites in London and Australia. The players will be paid, receiving salaries ranging from six figures up to $1 million, sources said. Some of the money generated by the tour will be donated to charity. – espn