Posted October 17, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Media

What Caused Rick Ross’ Seizures?

What caused Rick Ross to have two seizures in one day? Although Ross isn’t the healthiest of rappers,  him having two seizures over the weekend still shocked me. According to the NYTimes,  unusual levels of sodium or glucose in the blood, brain injury, high fever, infections, kidney or liver failure, and drugs or alcohol can cause back to back seizures in Ross’ case; However, doctors ruled that drugs and alcohol were not the cause.

There’s a medical condition that can hit people while flying on airplanes hypoxia, and from various reports, Rick Ross seems to have the same symptoms. According to the Gleim Private Pilot Study Guide, hypoxia is an “oxygen deficiency in the blood stream, which may cause lack of clear thinking, fatigue, euphoria, and shortly thereafter, unconsciousness.”