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NFL players rip Lebron

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Some NFL players caught wind that Lebron was tweeting Tuesday night about what NFL teams would recruit him? On Thursday, they gave some feedback and advice to King James! Check it out below!

“I recommend he keep his NBA contract and just play the Madden video games if he misses football” said Bengals CB Leon Hall.

“The mentally weakest person I’ve ever seen”, said Lions linebacker Chris Spielman.

“I think LeBron has a better chance of making the NFL and being an impact player than Michael Jordan had of making it in Double-A baseball,” Spielman said. “I’d pay money to see him run routes.

“There’s no doubt, physically, that he has the skills.”

“He could be a tight end that doesn’t have to block,” Bengals Safety Chris Crocker said. “He’s very athletic. You see basketball players make the transition. Antonio Gates and Jermichael Finley, those guys play tight end. If he can catch, he could be a pretty good tight end.” – foxsports