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Italy raises the stakes to get Kobe

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The Italian B-Ball Club Virtus Bologna, has thrown everything at Kobe in past weeks to recruit him to their club (during the lock-out). Bologna has raised the stakes, ante-d up, and offered Kobe $1 – $2 Million to play one game, an exclusive “Tribute to Kobe” game! Bologna has also written a letter to President Barack Obama to try get help from the Prez! Check it out!

“Negotiations with Mr. Kobe Bryant have been very difficult,” said Vicenzo Di Schiavia, the team’s communications manager. “We will not make any comment for now.”

Virtus Bologna initially had tried to persuade Bryant to play up to 10 games, but the team has decided on an exhibition in order to get around scheduling problems and TV rights issues in Italy.

“I had to make this decision because it was the only way to be able to show ‘The Tribute to Kobe’ to the whole world,” attention craving owner Claudio Sabatini said last week, according to il Resto del Carlino. “If we had done a league game, we would have had problems trying to show it also in Italy.”

La Reppublica, a publication based in Bologna, reported on its website that Bryant had been offered $2.3 million to play in the exhibition in the next two weeks. espn

Bologna Letter to Obama:

 “Dear Mr. President,

    We have a dream: to see Kobe Bryant playing for our Team Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, the Italian town well known in the world as basket City.

    According to your wishes we hope that the NBA lockout will shortly stop but in the meanwhile let us have the chance to see at least for one game the great Kobe Bryant playing with our black and white jersey and be part of our history.” – foxsports