Posted October 12, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Amar’e: “We’ll start our own league”

@SportsBata ..nuff said

During the release of his new red-on-white Nike Air Max Sweep-Thru sneaker (pic below) at the 34th St. Foot Locker, yesterday, Amar’e was interviewed by the NY Post. He suggested that if the lock-out goes on for a lengthy period of time, that a new league would need to be created. The NBA hasn’t been divided into two seperate league’s since before 1976, when the ABA merged with the NBA! The ABA fizzled away, still exists, but doesn’t have the power and presence like the NBA. Imagine if the ABA re-emerged or Amar’e and other players create a new league of their own! Check it out! Shot out @Freddyphh, the sneaker aficionado!

“If we don’t go to Europe, we’re going to start our own league, that’s how I see  it,” the Knicks forward said. “It’s very serious. It’s a matter of us  strategically coming up with a plan, a blueprint and putting it together. So  we’ll see how this lockout goes. If it goes one or two years, we’ve got to start  our own league.” – nypost

Stoudemire declined to say if  there’s financial backing in place.

“We want to play NBA basketball but if it doesn’t happen, what are we going to  do?” Stoudemire said. “We can’t just sit around and not do anything. We’ve got  to figure out ways now to play basketball at a high level against top  competition and have fun doing it, so that’s the next step.” – nypost