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NBA cancels first two weeks & Amar’e preaches patience

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NBA Commissioner David Stern cancelled the first two weeks of the regular season, last night, on the 102nd day of the lock-out. Knicks Amar’e (Stoudemire) spoke earlier today, trying to find unity, and telling everyone to be patient and try to get a deal done before quicking jumping overseas to play ball! Stern also added that he is not reluctant to cancel more games if a deal is not meant day to day. There is still a huge discrepancy in respect to luxury-tax specifics, contract lengths and annual raises. Check it out!

“We think that we made very fair proposals,” Stern told reporters in New York, describing himself as both sorry and sad about the parties’ inability to get close to the framework of a deal before Monday’s deadline to start the regular season on Nov. 1 as scheduled.

“I’m sure the players think the same thing,” Stern said. “But the gap is so significant that we just can’t bridge it at this time.”

Asked if he was prepared to rule out an 82-game schedule now that all games through Nov. 14 have been formally scrapped and not merely postponed, Stern said: “Yes, I think that’s right. And with every day that goes by, we need to look at further reductions in what’s left in the season.” – espn

“I think we’re pretty far apart, but the most important part is that we’re trying to work to get something done,” said Stoudemire, while making appearances on “SportsCenter” and “ESPN First Take” at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., headquarters to promote his new sneaker, the Nike Air Max Sweep Thru. “There are so many jobs at stake; their livelihoods are on the line. We’ll get a deal done eventually.”

“I think it [going overseas] definitely should be considered; it could be an option,” he (Amare) said. “I think the next meeting is not scheduled yet, but I think after that next meeting then we can figure out where we really stand with this whole thing.”

“We have a pretty solid team; we’re pretty confident with the guys we have now,” he (Amare) said. “I think the moves we made this past season, bringing in Carmelo and Chauncy (Billups), definitely helped us get to that championship level.” – espn