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Pettitte honored at Yankees game

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Yankee great, Andy Pettitte, couldn’t play the game, but was able to throw the first pitch, for the Yankees in their 5-3 loss against the Tigers, yesterday, for Game 2 of the ALDS. Pettitte was joined by his three sons, his daughter and his wife, Laura, who sang the national anthem before the game (pic below). He felt at home at Yankee stadium. He threw the first pitch to longtime teammate (and friend) Jorge Posada, and felt like the moment went by too quick. He said that he is happy at home, content with his family, but still wonders what could have been, if he stayed on for another season. He finished his career with a 240-138 record with a 3.88 ERA. He was 19-10 in the post-season with a 3.83 ERA. He has five rings to showcase. Check out his comments below!

“It was a cool moment that’s for sure. It was special,” Pettitte said afterward. “It kind of just happened so quick — you go out there, you throw it and you’re in the dugout.”

But when asked if part of him wondered what it would be like to return to the mound, Pettitte said, “Yeah, there’s no doubt. And I don’t know if that will ever go away.”

He quickly added: “When I’m away … (I’m) not thinking about playing or thinking about the games, I’m just so content. It’s just been awesome; retirement’s been everything I thought it would be.”

“The desire is not there,” Pettitte said on Saturday. “The same desire that made me go home is the same desire to play. Again, like I’ve said, unless God works a miracle and gives me that desire to do that, I don’t see any chance.”

“I was like, ‘This is pretty surreal,'” Pettitte said. “Other than that it was just great to be able to be back, to see the fans. Just another special day for me at Yankee Stadium.” – espn