Posted September 27, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Mayweather blasts De La Hoya on Twitter

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. hit Victor Ortiz with a ‘controversial’ quick one, two punch combo for the 4th round KO, on Saturday, Sept 17! Mayweather let go of the punch right after they tapped gloves, and the ref never put his hand down to confirm ‘back to action’. This happened right after the two were seperated for an intentional head butt by Ortiz, and a point was deductedOscar De La Hoya, a former champion, and current head of Golden Boy Promotions, the company that Ortiz is signed, called out Mayweather (on twitter over the weekend) for his “cheap shot”, and demands a rematch! Mayweather tweeted back, Tuesday, that he will re-match “Victoria” once he (Ortiz) beats Andre Berto again! Check it out!


“I left the fight in the ring but Oscar and Ortiz keep doing interviews crying like some Golden Girl b****es. I will f*** both of you up,” Mayweather tweeted Tuesday. In an earlier tweet, Mayweather said he would not give “Victoria Ortiz” a rematch until he defeats Andre Berto again.


“Watched the Ortiz fight again and I have to say Ortiz was coming on. it was only the 4th round and Ortiz was letting his hands go,” said De La Hoya, who was defeated by Mayweather in 2007. He labeled Mayweather’s knockout punch as a “cheap shot.”

“You cannot tell who’s going to win just by seeing 4 rounds especially when u have a young strong puncher like victor in front of you. i’m just still fired up because of victor being young and strong and was in amazing shape and was hungry to win.”