Posted September 22, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Luke sueing for “slander and defamation”

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Former 2 Live Crew frontman, Luther Campbell AKA Luke, is sueing University of Miami booster, Nevin Shapiro for $15K for “slander and defamation”! Shapiro, an imprisoned Ponzi scheme artist, hooked up over 72 Miami players with cars, money, and prostitutes over a 8-year span. He tried to throw Campbell’s name in the mix! Campbell was an assistant football coach at Miami Central High School, last year. Check it out!

Shapiro said Campbell was “the first uncle who took care of players” and that he provided similar benefits when Campbell no longer could.

The lawsuit says Shapiro’s comments falsely accused Campbell of engaging in “illegal and immoral behaviors relative to college-age athletes.” – espn