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‘New look’ Artest first cut on DWTS

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Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace had the Shaq-Fu outfit along with Rodman hair for his debut on DWTS on Monday night! He actually had Metta World Peace etched in his hair in Hebrew! Last night, DWTS announced the first cuts, and Artest became the first athlete cut in the first week on DWTS in its 13 seasons on air! Artest, 31,¬†with his partner Peta Murgatroyd tallied the lowest score, 14 of 30 votes, for their version of the Cha Cha over Pitbull “Krazy” track! Artest was a good sport about it in the end! Check it out!

On hearing the news, World Peace did not seem too troubled, People reported.

“Who’s coming with me?”¬†Artest asked the crowd. “Everybody give a round of applause to Peta — she was awesome!”

“I had a great, great time,” he added. foxsports


Artest and Peta first and final performance: