Posted September 9, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Shaq statue unveiled at LSU

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A 900 lb. bronze statue was unveiled at Louisana State University, Thursday, for the almost 400 lb. recently retired 19-year NBA veteran, Shaquille O’Neal. The statue portrays his trademark double handed backboard breaking dunk; “Boom-Shaq-a-lac-a”! LSU coach Trent Johnson, hundreds of fans, and former teammates were on hand in Baton Rouge, LA for the unveiling. Shaq played at LSU between 1989-1992, and was a two-time All-American and two-time SEC Player of the Year. Shaq went on to be the No. 1 Pick in 1992 draft by the Orlando Magic, and won four Championships with the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat. He is a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame. Shaq thought the statue was going to be tiny, but was sastified with its super-size. Check it out!

“I had no idea it was that big because Coach Johnson sent me the email pictures and I thought it was going to be some little thing. I think it’s beautiful. It’s fabulous,” O’Neal said after the ceremony. foxsports