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Nyjer Morgan starts beef w/ Albert Pujols


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During last night’s Milwaukee Brewers – St. Louis Cardinals game, Brewers Nyjer Morgan was barking at the pitcher (Cards’ Chris Carpenter) and cleared the benches with (Cards’ 1B Albert) Pujols quickly approaching. No melee ensued, but later Morgan via twitter (@TheRealTPlush) attacked Pujols. Pujols and Carpenter also gave feedback on the sitcho. CheckĀ out all the action below!

Pujols said he got into the fray to protect Carpenter.

“I just got in the middle to make sure that Morgan didn’t jump on Carp,” Pujols told MLB.com. “The last thing you want is our guy that’s trying a shutout game to lose his focus.

“I actually like that guy (Morgan). I don’t mind having a guy like that on my team. He brings a lot of energy to the ballclub, and you want to have a guy like that. But sometimes I think he goes (a little overboard) and tries to put too much energy.” – espn

Carpenter said he had had enough from Morgan.

“Every time, every time. When he hit that double he was screaming,” Carpenter told MLB.com, referring to a hit earlier in the game. “Yesterday he screamed, a couple days ago when he hit that … Which I don’t mind. Do whatever you want. But when you strike out like that and try to throw the chew (at) the mound to our pitcher and yell? Come on, man. You need to be more professional than that.” – espn

Nyjer Morgan attacked a pitcher before, and the first basemen clocked him:


Nyjer Morgan post game interview: