Posted August 17, 2011 by 1KnonOCoKhet in News

Mom, Used Box-Cutter to Circumcise 3-month-old baby, Gets 5 Years Probation

Lots of people have given their opinion on this story of a 30-year-old mom who attempted to circumcise her 3-month old son in a DIY method. Her son is still alive and she has recently been sentenced to five years of probation.

Those who have expressed their interest in this story believe that she should had received life in prison.

I understand how they feel but, the child is still alive, and it seems that she did the act with good intention, as odd as it seems.

According to the Daily News, “Peterson wanted to have her son circumcised after being inspired by reading the Old Testament, but decided to do it herself in Oct. 2010 because she thought he was too old for doctors to perform the procedure on him, the paper reported. She studied a few YouTube videos on circumcision and then grabbed a box-cutter and tried to make believe she was a surgeon. Her less-than-expert handiwork caused the boy to bleed profusely and suffer intense pain, forcing her to call 911 for some professional medical help.”

The Judge who sentenced her said, “The reality is you love your children and had absolutely no intent to harm your child.”

Now her son lives under the state’s care and she sees him during supervised visits.

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