Posted August 9, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Rodman’s whacky clothes to be enshrined in the H.O.F.


Dennis Rodman whacky clothes will be displayed in the Hall of Fame, as long as he behaves at Friday’s enshrinement ceremony! Some of Rodman’s whacky threads will hang in the Hall of Fame forever! Rodman, 50, was a five-time NBA Champion with the Pistons and the Bulls, seven time All-Star, and nabbed seven rebound titles over his career! He was perverse, unusual, and rebellious at times. He would not conform to many rules! Yao Ming, 30, got a free pass to the H.O.F. He does not have to wait the traditional five years to be voted. It does not mean Yao is a shoe-in, as his stats never touched the surface of the elite. Check out H.O.F. committe Scott Howard-Cooper’s twitter, and Rodman’s hair-do’s!


“Hall of Fame officials say Dennis Rodman has given his word: no antics during Friday enshrinement.”