Posted August 5, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Beasley shoves fan in NYC Street game!


“Yo dyckman was too crazy…I had fun but we lost…my time in new york was cool…”

“He was a little wild,” said KaBourn Crosley, the coach of Team 914, on which Beasley played. “I couldn’t stop him.” – espn


Minnesota T-Wolves Michael Beasley got testy at a streetball game (Dyckman tournament) in Monsignor Kett Park in Washington Heights, last night! He was taking on fellow pro Kevin Durant and his squad, when Beasley started to get into it with an excited fan to begin the second half. Beasley kept saying, “I get paid for this!”, then went up to one fan, and mushed him in the face! Beasley then tried to squash it, shake hands, when things begin to escalate even more. Beasley was restrained by the tournament security, and the game was delayed 10 minutes. Garland Quince, who frequents the uptown games, was the lucky fan. Beasley had 17 points and Durant dropped 29 points, as Beasley’s team 914 went on to beat Durant’s team Nike 80-77! Durant just completed his NYC tour, scoring 66 on Monday at Harlem Rucker, 41 on Tuesday at Nike Pro City, and 29 last night!

Exclusive Video of Beasley shoving the fan