Posted August 4, 2011 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Shaq on the Conan O’Brien show



Shaq went onto the Conan O’Brien Show, Tuesday night, and entertained the crowd with some laughs. Shaq said his mother is happy he retired, but his dad said he’s a “dummy”. When asked why, he replied, “because I missed 5,000 free throw’s”. He talked about trying to visit the White House, joining Inside the NBA on TNT crew, and analyst who anger him (like Skip Bayliss). Shaq also talked about how he likes to ride go-carts because he “feels small”. They ended the show with a go-cart ride, and Shaq hilariously busted his ass trying to get a little pink jeep. Check out his quote on the go-carts, and the videos!

“You look at me. You look at the thing I am about to get in,” O’neal explained. “People say ‘he can’t get fit in that.’ And I’ll be like, ‘watch this!'”

Shaq rides go-carts with Conan: