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Bubba Smith passes at 66


Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith was not only known for his “Police Academy” Sgt. Hightower role, but was one of the best collegiate and NFL Defensive lineman ever to play the game. He was found dead at his home, Wednesday morning. Smith was as fast as they come for a big man (6-foot-7, 265lbs.). He dominated Michigan State, winning All-America honors in 1965 and 1966, and he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1988. Smith was selected #1 in the 1966 draft by the Baltimore Colts. He helped the Colts get to the Super Bowl twice. In Super Bowl III (1968), his Colts lost to the NY Jets (Joe Namath), but in Super Bowl V (1970) his Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys (John Unitas) with a last second field goal. Smith retired in 1976, after short stints with the Oakland Raiders, and the Houston Oilers. He amassed only 111 regular season games over his career, but was innovative at his position with his size and quickness. Smith tallied up huge sack numbers, but sacks were not an official statistic until the 1982 season. Check out some video’s below!

Tribute to “Bubba” Smith slide show:


Sgt. Moses Hightower throws a football (Police Academy 2, 1985):


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