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Marvel Comics’ New Spiderman is Black

“With great power comes great responsibility…”


Well would you look at that! Things really are a’changing.

Marvel Comics’ new Spiderman is Black! Yup.

Meet Miles Morales, a Half-Black, Half-Latino teenager who’s been inspired by Peter Parker to do some good in his community.

Apparently, Peter Parker was killed in the Ultimate Spider Man Issue #160 in June.

This might be quite confusing for those of us who haven’t kept up since age 10, because in Marvel’s regular universe, Peter Parker is still alive and fighting crime. The Ultimate universe is completely separate. The imprint debuted in 2000 and is scripted by Brian Michael Benis.

Now, Miles Morales comes into play eleven years later. What sparked the drastic change in color?

Marvel’s editor-in-chief, Axel Alonso said, “Making Spider-Man a black character is not a publicity effort, it’s reflective of an industry keeping pace with modern society… This was a conscious decision. Here at Marvel, we pride ourselves on reflecting the real world in all its diversity.”

I respect that and I’m drawn by what’s to come in the future.

Marvel debuts its new Black superhero today in  “Ultimate Fallout” No. 4. Available at a comic shop near you!

And in September,  Ultimate Comics: Spider Man relaunches with a new No. 1 issue where our half-black, half-hispanic superhero officially begins his adventure!

We’ve made it!

The writer, Bendis is super excited. He said, “I’m now sitting with a pile of legitimately new Spider-Man stories to tell and that is the best news a writer could have.”

I agree. As a writer that is a complete rush. Now, as a non-comic reader, I’ve asked my older brother several times as teenagers, ‘how many crimes and villains could possibly exist for each antagonist of any comic books series,’ but now I see especially as the story changes and characters are add and I’m 100% interested. I should have completely understood already as an avid watcher of never-ending soap operas.

In regard to Miles Morales though, the writer said, he’s coming from a completely different background, a completely different world view.”

Compelling statement. So I sincerely hope that these new adventures are not entirely stereotypical, if you get my drift …   @SelenaBailey